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At Aqua Clear we want to help keep you informed. We have spent decades testing and correcting problem water in Knoxville and Knox County and we want to show you some of our research. If you have any questions please know that we are here to help and we would love to assist you in any way we can. Give us a call at (865) 694-1725.

At A Glance:

Hard Water

Moderately Hard

Chlorine Levels

KUB: 1.6 ppm

Hallsdale Powell: 1.71 ppm

First Utility District: 1.5 ppm

Chromium 6

County Average: 0.0747 ppb

Range Found: Up to 0.16 ppb Suggested Limit: 0.02 ppb


Highest Risk Level in County:


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What Your Neighbors Have to Say:

D. BergKnoxville, TN

I am constantly amazed about the knowledge and level of professionalism shown by the personnel at Aqua Clear Water Systems. My system was installed about 5 years ago. At that time, my well was connected to the system.

East Tennessee is currently experiencing a historic drought. Many of the wells in our area have dried up or are close to it. It became necessary to dig a new city water line to avoid disruption of water before the winter set in. After the new line was installed, I called ACWS to inform them of the switch. Manney Christian reviewed the current system and installed the appropriate filters for city water. His knowledge of the ACWS system and requirements gave me confidence that the transition from well to city water was a good decision.

If you are on a well, you know that when you lose power, you do not have any water because the well pump runs on electricity. Switching to city water solves that issue! Now, I can go into the holidays this year with a consistent source of very healthy water for all my guests! Thanks, Manney!

Mark & Lu Juan M.Knoxville, TN

Everything from start to finish has been absolutely perfect! Sarah has been very professional and attentive. The installation went very smooth. Shannon and Brian were so friendly, knowledgeable and worked very hard. Everything was completed in a very timely manner. Mark has had some skin irritation and he couldn't wear his jewelry, after about 3 weeks he noticed his skin had cleared and he can now wear jewelry. We went to house sit for some friends in Andersonville a month or so after getting our system, we didn't even want to shower without our water. We are enjoying the reverse osmosis drinking water so much. I tried to drink some water from the tap after a workout at a local gym recently, it was awful, I couldn't believe how much chemical taste there was in the water! We couldn't be happier with our choice to purchase from Aqua Clear.