Food Service

From serving up a freshly brewed pot of coffee to cleaning, water quality makes a big difference at every level of the food service industry.

Some of the Aqua Clear benefits are:
  • Eliminates hardness and scaling, and diminishes the need for costly de-liming and maintenance
  • Eliminates service calls due to water-related maintenance issues
  • Produces safe, clean, great-tasting drinking water
  • Improves drink taste and reduces cost for post-mix drinks
  • Extends life of water-using appliances and equipment and reduces maintenance-related expenses
  • Minimizes detergent, soap and chemical expenses
  • Reduces spots and streaks on silverware, plates and glasses
  • Maintains freshness and extends life of napkins, tablecloths and other linens
  • Minimizes hot water costs through improved hot water heater efficiency
  • Environmentally responsible operation

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First thing I noticed I felt cleaner after the shower. No chlorine no minerals, I used to start itching within 4-5 hours after my shower and now I don't! The ice is cleaner and I noticed when it melts in my Diet Coke there is NO taste, not like before, I had to pour out! The taste of my Diet Coke is much MUCH better! Noticed my laundry is much absorbent and much cleaner.

Walt W.
Lenoir City, TN

Just a few of the restaurants that trust Aqua Clear for their water systems.
Connors Steak & Seafood
TGI Fridays
The Chop House
The Dixie Stampede