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What's In Your Water?

At Aqua Clear we have spent over a decade learning the ins and outs of Blount County's water problems and how to fix them. This page is dedicated to informing you on your water quality. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask. We have spent decades studying the water in your region and are more than willing to answer any questions you may have.

At A Glance:

Hard Water

Maryville: 52.25 mg/l

Alcoa: Unreported

Chlorine Levels

Maryville: 2.66 ppm

Alcoa: 2.7 ppm

Chromium 6

County Average: 0.136 ppb

Range Found: Up to 0.370 ppb Suggested Limit: 0.02 ppb


Highest Risk Level in County:


Utility District Health Violations:

(Contaminant levels higher than government health standards)

South Blount County Utility District: Turbidity

(Failed the government required contamination test in both 2013 & 2014)

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What Your Neighbors Have to Say:

Tommy H.Maryville, TN

Being that my son is into physical fitness and water is a big part of this, he drinks over a gallon of water a day. The reverse osmosis water from Aqua Clear has made a huge difference in the way his protein and supplements taste and mix! The water is not an issue anymore being that we don't have to buy bottled water!! What a savings!! Being with city supplied water, we both had very, VERY dry skin, now neither of us have dry skin! Soft water in the shower...we will never go back to hard water! Another thing we have noticed is that our water bill has actually gone down...and it's because before we had our Kinetico water refinement system installed, we had an aftermarket water softener that used over 30 gallons of water each and every single night along with tons of salt every week! Can't believe the wasted water we had to pay for!! This has made us very happy to know we are getting ultra pure drinking water AND soft water for much much less than what we were paying for before!! The technicians...? Absolutely some of the best guys I have seen work on my house! Very courteous and very professional! They came out and got the job done so quick, had my ultra pure BEFORE they left! Thank you Aqua Clear Water Systems!

Dennis & Sandra G.Maryville, TN

"Nice to use water straight from the tap to brush my teeth! The first day I texted my children to say that "grandmother's water doesn't stink anymore!" And I am no longer filling up my pots from the ice maker! residue! No pond scum from our well! The humidifier is working better and no longer has that smell! I just love the fact that I can get out of the shower and know that I'm clean and can consider wearing perfume again!"