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We specialize in well water solutions here in East Tennessee and we understand this area's well water risks and more importantly, we know how to fix them

  1. Does your well water have a bad taste? Is it colored black, red, yellow, green, brown, or even blue?
  2. Are you worried about unseen contaminants like E. coli, salmonella, or arsenic in your water? 
  3. The CDC recommends testing your well water regularly as it can quickly and secretly become contaminated by numerous sources including faulty septic tanks, agricultural chemicals, and animal waste.
  4. Or maybe your well water is hard and is causing damage to your home and leaving your skin dry and itchy
  5. Protect your family and get peace of mind by taking advantage of our free water test. Simply fill in the form to the right.

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No matter what your well water problem, we have filters and comprehensive water systems to provide you and your family with pure, clean water

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Dennis and Sandra G.Maryville, TN

Nice to use water straight from the tap to brush my teeth! The first day I texted my children to say that "grandmother's water doesn't stink anymore!" And I am no longer filling up my pots from the ice maker! Showers....no residue! No pond scum from our well! The humidifier is working better and no longer has that smell! I just love the fact that I can get out of the shower and know that I'm clean and can consider wearing perfume again!

Ron & Audrey W.Calhoun, TN

We have well water like many others in the rural areas of southeast Tennessee. So we know the difference between unhealthy and healthy water. It makes a big difference in our quality of life. We have had a great relationship with all the good people at Aqua Clear since 2009. My wife and I appreciate the dedication and enthusiasm portrayed by every technician we've met. A special thank you to David and Mike for their efforts over the years.

John R.Corryton, TN

"I have to hand it to David and Krista Brewster and the crew at Aqua Clear. These guys are responsive to your concerns and treat you fairly. It has been over a year now since I have had my system installed and I couldn't be happier! My water system has been operating outstanding since the day they installed it!

I had called a couple of other suppliers before I came across Aqua Clear and the others never showed up, being that I am somewhat off the beaten path. Last winter I had lost the water pressure from my well and had no water for nearly a week before I finally decided to call in the experts. I had thought that my waterlines had frozen up and was holed up under my house in the crawl space trying to unfreeze my pipes to no avail before I realized it wasn't my plumbing but my water system from my well. Since David couldn't provide me with a system without having a water test done to determine what system I needed, as I couldn't provide him with any water, he referred me to another company to come out to check out my well-pump. His referral got me prompt service and the day after I got my well pump straightened out he came out and recommended a system to suit my needs. The day after, he sent a crew to install the system and ever since, I have had no issues with my water system!

This husband and wife team of David and Krista Brewster and their team of water technicians at Aqua Clear are the absolute best! If I had only known about them sooner! I would have saved myself some aggravation!