Commercial Water Systems

Exacting Standards For Water Quality

Wherever water is at work, Aqua Clear Water Systems can help make it work even better.

Aqua Clear Water Systems delivers the highest water quality reliably, continuously and to the most exacting standards, which is why so many companies of all sizes and scopes, all over the world, entrust their business and water treatment projects to us.

Just as water sustains life, water powers your business—from large industrial applications to small businesses and everything in between. Aqua Clear Water Systems ensures that your customers get nothing but the best.

Pre-Treatment Systems

Pre- treatment Systems include softeners, multi-media filters, dechlorination and chemical treatment, which allows water to perform more efficiently throughout your business. This step is to help reduce scale, extend the life of equipment down the line, reduce maintenance costs and promote consistent production.


Reverse Osmosis Systems

RO Membrane Systems can help reduce turbidity, suspended solids, dissolved solids and organic substances. This step will help you increase the efficiency of your equipment and processes, resulting in substantial cost savings and reducing the need for chemical regenerants, in most cases. RO is the most effective barrier to salts, micro-contaminants and organic substances such as viruses and bacteria, making it ideal for applications where high-purity water is needed.


Portable Exchange Deionization Systems

In this process, charged ion exchange resin reduces mineral ions from water. Portable DI systems deliver a constant supply of quality water to operations large and small, without a capital investment. The regeneration and exchange of tanks is provided by Aqua Clear Water Systems. Portable Exchange Deionization (PEDI) service can meet the needs of businesses requiring high-purity water for a variety of commercial applications.


Treated Water Storage

Storing purified water for peak instantaneous demand reduces capital costs and streamlines your production process and optimize use of Reverse Osmosis and high-purity systems. Storage tanks are available in a variety of materials and capacities for complete customization. Standard tanks are manufactured utilizing FDA compliant resins & is NSF Approved.


Supply, Distribution and Disinfection Systems

Your business needs may at times require specific distribution solutions. Also, polishing of water may be necessary based on final water quality requirements. Aqua Clear Water Systems will work with you to find the necessary pumps, re-pressurization, recirculation and distribution and disinfection technologies.


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